A Guide To Sports Insurance Coverage

Sports insurance is a specialized type of insurance that covers athletes and sporting events. It can provide coverage for both amateur and professional athletes and protect you in the event of an injury or other mishap.

This blog post will discuss sports insurance in detail, including what it covers and how to get it. We will also explore some of the benefits of sports insurance and why you should consider getting coverage if you are an athlete or participate in sporting events.

Sports Accident Coverage

One of the key benefits of sports insurance is providing coverage for accidents during sporting events. This can include injuries sustained while playing a sport and accidents that happen during training or traveling to and from competitions.

This type of coverage can help protect you if you are injured and need medical treatment and help cover the cost of any damages that may occur as a result of an accident.

Event Cancellation Coverage

Another important benefit of sports insurance is providing coverage for event cancellations. If your sporting event is canceled or postponed due to bad weather or a natural disaster, you may be able to file a claim and receive reimbursement for your losses.

This can be helpful if you have already paid for tickets to the event or have made other arrangements and can help ensure that you are not out any money due to the cancellation.

Directors and Officers Insurance

One other key benefit of sports insurance is providing coverage for directors and officers. This means that if you are a director or officer of a sporting organization, you may be able to file a claim if you are sued or held liable for any damages resulting from your role with the organization. This can help protect you from any financial damages from any legal action taken against you.

Crime Insurance

Sports insurance can also provide coverage for crime, which can be helpful if your sporting organization is the target of a crime. This type of coverage can help protect you from losses due to theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity. It can also help cover the cost of any legal fees or damages that may come as a result of a crime.

General Liability Insurance

Finally, sports insurance can also provide general liability coverage. This means that if you are sued or held liable for any damages that occur due to your participation in a sporting event, you may be able to file a claim and receive reimbursement.

This can help protect you from any financial damages that may come from a lawsuit and can help ensure that you are not out any money if you are sued.

As you can see, there are several benefits to sports insurance. If you are an athlete or participate in sporting events, it is important to consider getting coverage to help protect yourself in an accident or other mishap.

Sports Insurance Providers

Are you looking for the perfect insurance company? No matter what type of policy you’re searching for, many different insurers can help protect your team, event, and finances. Shopping around is critical and can mean the difference between getting an affordable policy that provides enough protection or being stuck with a high-priced product that doesn’t meet your needs. To help with your search, we’ve compiled a list of sports insurance providers serving different industry segments. Here are our top picks!

K&K Insurance

Founded in 1952, K&K Insurance has grown from protecting racecar drivers to covering sports, leisure, recreation, event, and entertainment. One of the top names in sports insurance, K&K is a major provider that can cover a large range of industries and types of sporting events. If you need venue coverage, they have the experience and selection to deliver the policy protection you need. 

K&K can also meet the needs of a diverse range of providers that include camps, guest ranches, martial arts schools, and outdoor activities, including guide services. Combining this experience with the ability to cover entertainment venues and concessions makes K&K Insurance an important provider in the sports insurance space. For more information or to speak with an agent, check out K&K Insurance’s website at: 

Chappell Insurance Agency

Chappell Insurance understands the needs of team sports organizations and can help connect them with the right coverage that protects their finances and meets their member’s needs. Team sports need comprehensive protection, and Chappell Insurance Agency specializes in the insurance needs of teams and their players. Baseball, softball, soccer, and other league sports will need common coverage options such as venue liability protection. 

Even if you are not involved in team sports, Chappell Insurance may still be able to help protect you with excellent insurance coverage. Martial arts schools, dance schools, instructors, walk/run events, and youth sports camps. These are just some of the events and organizations that Chappell can cover. If you need insurance for team sports events or other sports activities, they can connect you to the protection you need. To find out more information or get a quote, go to their website: 

Sadler Sports

Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance can connect you with the best general liability insurance provider and risk management for sporting events. The insurance company can save you up to 38% on some of the broadest coverage options while delivering instant online quotes in less than 60 seconds. 

If you need protection for team/leagues, tournaments, camps, or other outdoor events, Sadler can quickly connect you to affordable insurance options. Not just for teams, Sadler is also able to cover individual instructors. If you’re an instructor who needs to arrange their insurance protection, Sadler’s fast online quotes can help you quickly arrange critical insurance protection. To find out the many options and choices available, visit Sadler’s website today: 

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Philadelphia Insurance Companies provide a wide range of coverage options to many industries. They also offer package policies addressing the specific needs of professional sports. Professional sports have special insurance requirements, and a package policy from Philadelphia can provide the right coverage protection. 

Philadelphia Insurance has a range of policies and experience to protect professional sports events, spectators, and staff. They offer Un-audited General Liability coverage, primary and contingent coverage for liquor, concessions, security, and parking. Combine this with participant liability coverage, tenant users, and suite-holders liability coverage. To see how Philadelphia can protect your team and event, check out their website: 

Event Insurance Now

Event Insurance Now connects you to brokers who can provide the exact coverage choices you need for those needing no-frills coverage. While they offer simple coverage options, they are still comprehensive. Event Insurance Now offers policies for all sporting events such as amateur sports leagues, team leagues, youth camps, tournaments, triathlons, etc. 

Whatever your sports insurance needs, Event Insurance Now can leverage its 35 years of industry experience to ensure you have the peace of mind that comes with the right protection. They can also cover rented equipment and have special choices for vendors. To find out more and see if their policy choices are right for your team or event, visit their website at: 

American Specialty

American Specialty can protect a wide selection of sports events and facilities. They have insured the last two Olympic Games held on US soil! American Specialty is about more than insurance for large events. While they can be an excellent choice for larger sporting events and venues, they can also insure smaller local venues and teams. They offer common protections such as general liability, liquor liability, property and crime coverage, excess liability, and inland marine coverage. 

American Specialty can handle your minor league baseball team needs and insurance for coaches and officials. Many common types of sports insurance are available, and they also cover new areas such as E-sports! While E-sports events take place in the virtual world, they still need physical locations to play, practice and host. This new industry has unique needs, and American Specialty is leading the way with new coverage options to provide these events and organizations with the best protection possible. To find out more, or receive a quote, check out their website: 

Katy Insurance

Katy Insurance offers stadium liability coverage for semi-pro, amateur, and minor-league adult football teams. They don’t only specialize in stadium coverage. The company also offers protection for youth sports camps, cheer, and summer camps. 

Not getting the right coverage for your sports camp can be a regrettable decision. Whether you are looking for Participant General Liability Coverage, General Liability Coverage, Excess Accident Medical Coverage, or Excess General Liability Coverage, Katy Insurance offers competitive rates and the experience you need to protect your event and participants. To see how Katy Insurance can help you cover your stadium or camp or get a quote, visit their website: 

Wilson Sports Insurance

Wilson Sports Insurance has over 24 years of experience in the sports industry and knows how to meet the special needs of K-12 Student Athletics, Sports Teams, Leagues, and Sports Camps and can even offer Special Risk Coverage. They also cover sporting events such as Lacrosse, Golf, Field Hockey, wrestling, and others. 

If you need insurance protection for youth, adults, or travel teams, look to Wilson Insurance to combine competitive rates with years of experience to give you the protection your organization needs. To find out more or ask for a quote, check out their website: 

Bene-Marc, Inc.

One of the nation’s largest athletic and special events insurance markets, Bene-Marc can help you find the protection you need for your Camp, League, Youth Sports, or Intercollegiate events and facilities. If you want extra guidance about types of insurance or need a helping hand to decide on the right coverage, Bene-Marc has licensed insurance agents who are just a phone call away. 

Getting the right insurance coverage is critical for protecting your school or team. Let the professionals at Bene-Marc connect you with the right coverage and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Bene-Marc prides itself on staying abreast of the latest industry standards in the sports and special event market. To learn more or get a quote, contact Bene-Marc at: 

Silent Sports Insurance

Cycling, skiing, Kayaking, Dragon Boat, Running. Many sports don’t involve stadiums or intentional impact between players, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need the best insurance available. Silent Sports Insurance, a division of McKay Insurance Agency, can help protect your low-impact sporting event and participants, whether on tour or at a training camp. 

Many sports insurance companies will cover your running or cycling events, but few have the deep industry experience to connect you with the best coverage possible. Your cycling or running event deserves the right insurance protection, and Silent Sports Insurance has detailed knowledge of your needs. To find out how Silent Sports Insurance can help you protect your running, cycling, or non-motorized boating events, check out their website at 


US Sports Club Insurance, or USSCI, can help youth sports participants protect fees paid for participation in activities. Most parents don’t know that many of their fees are not refundable. If schedules change and a child can’t participate in a planned event, the money spent on fees is usually lost. This can also happen when a parent loses their job and can’t afford for their child to meet a youth athletic travel schedule. 

Youth sports can be expensive, and few insurance companies offer financial protection directly to players’ families. If your child is involved in youth sports, you should protect your investment inactivity fees with insurance coverage from USSCI. The company can help parents recover money spent on fees and even offers event cancellation insurance. To see what they offer or get a quote, check out their website: 

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