Auto Insurance Quotes Compared

When shopping around for auto insurance, it is a good idea to compare the quotes of multiple companies to find the policy that best meets your needs at the most competitive price. Quotes, although competitive, often differ by company. Here we show actual auto insurance quotes for a vehicle from 10 of the top auto insurance companies to give you an idea of the type of range you can expect to see.

The example here uses a 2022 Honda Civic Sedan EX model looking to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy. For the provided examples, the vehicle is located in Austin, Texas, and belongs to a 30-year-old male driver who is not married and has a good driving record. 

The packages quoted included the following (some offered a few more options or a bit higher coverage):

  • $500 deductible
  • Collision Coverage
  • $50,000/$100,000 Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability of at least $25,000 

Please note that these quotes are for example purposes only. Many things affect the rates you are given for auto insurance, including state of residence, driving history, age/other demographics, and the level of insurance you need. The quotes here may not represent the actual quote you will receive from a particular company. 

1. Progressive Auto Insurance

Quote Received: $78.48/ month or $940 paid in full for 6 months.  

Progressive Car Insurance Quote


Quote Received: $207.99 at signing and 4 additional payments of $155.74 or $805.95 for 6 months. This quote also offered an additional discount of $64.33 if the customer paid in full at checkout. 

geico auto insurance quote
GEICO Car Insurance Quote

3. State Farm Auto Insurance

Quote Received: $158.91/month or $953.47 if paid in full for 6 months.

statefarm auto insurance quote
State Farm Car Insurance Quote

4. Farmers Mutual

Quote Received: $299.72 per month.

farmers auto insurance quote
Farmers Mutual Car Insurance Quote

5. Allstate Auto Insurance

Quote Received: $175/month or $1052 for a 6-month policy.

Allstate Car Insurance Quote

6. Liberty Auto Insurance

Quote Received: $253.08 per month.

Liberty Car Insurance Quote

7. Allstate Esurance

Quote Received: $252.40 per month.

Esurance Car Insurance Quote

8. Amica Auto Insurance

Quote Received: $217 per month with $434 due at signing. Total of $1,301 for 6 months. This quote also offered a pay-in-full discount which would bring the total six-month premium down to $1,172.

Amica Car Insurance Quote


Quote Received: $115 per month. Note that this quote was for retired-duty military personnel. USAA requires a connection to military service to provide coverage.

USAA Car Insurance Quote

10. Dairyland Insurance

Quote Received: $363.78 due at signing and 5 additional payments of $361.95. Total of $2173.53 for a 6-month policy.

Dairyland Car Insurance Quote


From the range of quotes provided here, you can see that pricing varies by company. When shopping around for auto insurance, it is always a good idea to receive quotes from multiple companies because they can differ significantly. As you are comparison shopping, double-check that each of your quotes contains comparable options. Check out the top 20 cheapest car insurance.

As you can see, several of the companies offered various package levels. Also, notice whether or not you are eligible to receive a discount if you pay in full for your policy. Quotes for comparable packages in our examples range from $78 a month to $363 per month for a 6-month policy, and you can expect a decent range with your quotes as well.

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