Olive Insurance Review

So, in today’s guide, we will be reviewing Olive insurance to know whether it is a fit for all persons and circumstances or not. This guide will answer almost all your queries if you are looking for the best insurance company.

Finding a good and reliable insurance provider is difficult. To get hold of a good insurance company, you need to conduct thorough market research to get the company that provides the best rates and perfectly meets your requirements and needs.

But before moving to the Olive car insurance review, let’s find out why you need insurance for your vehicle. 

Car Breakdowns Are 50x More Likely Than Car Accidents

Driving a vehicle that is no longer under warranty is pretty risky. If your car faces a breakdown-related issue, it may pose a serious risk to your ability to meet ends. The standard auto insurance covers car accidents but not car breakdowns. 

To stay protected from huge auto repair bills, you can purchase mechanical breakdown insurance in addition to your standard car insurance. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance covers your vehicle’s sudden damage like air conditioning leaks or an engine failure. It is similar to car warranties but comes into action after your car warranty expires. 

The insurance company we are reviewing is the one that will be there for your rescue when your vehicle unexpectedly faces a breakdown.

Olive Insurance provides the best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) and vehicle service contract (VSC) at the best rates. The main difference is that the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is for California vehicles while the Vehicle Service Contract is for non-California vehicles.

Olive Insurance Overview

Launched in 2019, Olive.com is a digital platform for vehicle protection. It’s main headquarter is in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Olive takes pride in giving its customers peace of mind by enabling them to buy directly from their website without any pressure. 

Olive insurance makes itself one of the best insurance websites available. It does so by giving its customers a variety of deductibles and coverage options that best fit their respective budgets. It is quick, simple to use, and transparent about its warranty plans and how to obtain them.

Another exciting thing about Olive insurance is that, unlike other companies in the insurance industry, it does not promote its services via robocalls. To protect its customers from expensive auto repair bills after the manufacturer’s insurance has expired, Olive offers additional coverage for mechanical failures.

Coverage Plans offered by Olive Insurance

Just like any other insurance company, Olive Insurance also offers coverage categories. There are three types of coverage plans and three different deductibles for the cars that reach a maximum of 185000 miles.

  • Powertrain protects you from a vast auto repair bill by covering the most expensive parts, including all lubricated parts of your transmission and engine.
  • Powertrain Plus also protects you from enormous auto repair bills and covers more parts than the simple Powertrain package and includes coverage of front suspension, power steering, air conditioning, and brakes. 
  • Complete Care is the most well-known and comprehensive package offered by Olive Insurance, as it covers almost everything and protects from all sorts of damage. A few wear-and-tear components, such as your tires and windshield wipers, are excluded from this coverage.


You have to pay the fee every time you visit the repair shop. You can choose the one that suits you best from the three options listed below:

  1. Deductible: $100 for basic repair needs
  2. Deductible: $250 for medium damages 
  3. Deductible: $500 for high-cost repairs 

Olive Insurance Vs. Other Insurance Companies

Many insurance providers are offering mechanical breakdown insurances. We have listed a few to make it easy for you to choose the best insurance. Let’s take a look at them and review the comparison.

1. Olive Insurance

Olive Insurance provides comprehensive coverage and a digital approach through its website, making complicated tasks like selecting the best insurance package straightforward. Olive offers custom prices based on the customer’s needs and requirements. 

Olive provides coverage at three levels, i.e., powertrain, powertrain plus, and Complete Care, which is the most popular. They also cover towing costs which are specifically up to 100 miles. Apart from this, Olive insurance also provides coverage for high-mileage vehicles. Another thing to mention is that you can also choose your deductible. 

2. Endurance 

Like Olive insurance, endurance offers a complete, personalized coverage package. Still, it does not include extras like backup cameras and other technological items, and some wear and tear components are also excluded.

3. Car shield 

Car shield covers coverage up to factory level. Apart from this, it does not cover general maintenance costs and has minimal benefits. Moreover, Car shield has a comparatively lower customer service score than its competitors. 

So, it is an average car insurance company that does not provide all the requirements of a customer. 

4. Carchex

Carchex offers five different coverage levels, ranging from comprehensive to powertrain coverage. Just like the other insurance coverage providers, Carchex also does not cover general maintenance costs. Apart from this, what is also not included are wear and tear components. There is also no specific data on high-mileage vehicles. 

When we compare all four insurance providers, we can quickly put it down that Olive insurance gives better packages and custom pricing according to the needs of its customers. The price of Olive insurance, compared to all the companies mentioned above, is also low, with similar features and benefits. Doesn’t it sound amazing? 

Olive Insurance Rates as Compared to Other Insurance Companies

There are a few things to remember regarding the quote and insurance. The prices may vary due to certain factors like the model of your car, the year the car was first made, the vehicle’s age, and the number of miles it has traveled according to its odometer. 

Furthermore, it depends on the insurance coverage provider you choose and the package and deductible you specifically choose from their offered ones. Lastly, the length of the coverage you choose also plays a significant role in determining the total price quote you are given. 

Now that we know the factors that help determine your insurance’s price, let’s compare the rates of Olive insurance with other insurance providers. 

Insurance Provider’s NameInsurance TypeAverage Price / Month
OliveMechanical Breakdown Insurance$25-$80
EnduranceMechanical Breakdown Insurance$69-$180
CarShieldMechanical Breakdown Insurance$89-$130
CarchexMechanical Breakdown Insurance$100-$200

Pros and Cons of Olive Insurance

If you plan to get a membership with olive for mechanical breakdown insurance, you need to get as much information as possible. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below. Give it a read to get fully informed:


  • Olive Insurance has an A+ BBB (the Better Business Bureau) rating.
  • The policy owners have also given Olive positive BBB (the Better Business Bureau) review ratings.
  • Olive Insurance’s prices are somewhat in line with its competitors.
  • As promised, the company guarantees there are no robocalls.
  • One of the top and best features of Olive Insurance is its availability as a digital platform. It is quick, easy to navigate, and precise about its warranty plans. Olive Insurance further suggests how you can obtain the insurance coverage plan. 
  • Olive insurance’s coverage plan starts right after you buy it online through their website.
  • Another exciting feature about olive insurance is that it doesn’t require inspection of your vehicle’s pre-existing conditions and requires a waiting period.
  • Olive Insurance uses a subscription-based billing model that can be canceled by customers whenever they want; there is no strict policy regarding cancellation. 


  • Olive insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • The vehicle must be at least ten years old or brand new.
  • Moreover, Olive does not include routine maintenance costs.
  • Olive insurance’s coverage does not cover some performance vehicles.
  • Things that are not included in the insurance are repairing wiper blades, brake pads, belts, and hoses.
  • It also doesn’t offer insurance against damages caused by accidents, misuse, lack of maintenance, or environmental damage.

Is Olive worth it?

So, after reading its cost, comparison and benefits, and disadvantages, you might already be wondering whether you should go for this insurance or not. If yes, then here is your answer.

Olive, a brand-new insurance coverage provider, offers extended warranties with a modern take on pricing, coverage, and customer service. One can manage hefty maintenance costs and have peace of mind with the help of Olive coverage. Olive’s car warranty coverage has received reviews from over 200 customers, earning an overall score of 4.7 stars on Google. 

Olive is a trustworthy company with a high BBB rating and many raving customer reviews. We found the cost more reasonable compared to other organizations offering similar services. Olive’s assurance that they won’t ever robocall you is an excellent factor. 

Most Olive reviews are rated 4 or 5, which is great news for potential customers. Most comment on how easy it was to sign up, how affordable their warranty was, how kind and helpful the customer care representatives were, and how much coverage they got. So, it is an excellent option to go for if you need insurance for your vehicle.

Before picking any insurance company for your needs, search the market well for better options with low rates. Research and make your decision on your specific requirements. If you are looking for a generalized company, then Olive Car Insurance may be the best option available. 

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