Purchasing Prescription Medications Through Your Health Insurance

More people are having trouble affording a prescription. Medication prices are rising, and health insurance companies are trying to save money. Have you recently been shocked by a high bill from your pharmacy?

Every day more people are feeling the impact of high prescription medicine costs. Newly developed medicines can be pricey even when insurance reduces some expenses. Sadly, insurance may offer little protection. Depending on your policy and deductibles, certain medications may be hard to afford. Even if you can pay, you may be throwing money away!

There are alternatives to buying your prescription medicines through your insurance. Choices are available to reduce the cost of medications when insurance doesn’t carry enough of the expense. Here are some alternatives that may save you money.

Health Insurance Prescription Discount Cards

Many companies offer prescription discount cards. Most of them use bulk buys to negotiate lower prices. How do they work? 

The customer can present these cards at participating pharmacies for deep discounts over the regular cash payment. Even if you have health insurance, these cards’ negotiated cash payment may be lower than your co-pay!

Prescription discount cards do not cover all drugs, but they do cover many. Companies offering these discount cards provide a valuable service for people dealing with the high cost of prescription medicine. Not using these services may waste money. The key is shopping around: one card may offer a better rate for a particular medication than another.

Which Prescription Discount Card Should I Get?

There are many different prescription discount card companies. Each will offer a particular range of medications, various discounts, and a different list of participating pharmacies. Only you can make this decision.

You’ll want to find out which one gives you the best rate for the medications you often use. Also, find out which pharmacies each card covers. This limitation can be a downside as you may not be able to use your regular pharmacy to get a particular discount.

Be on the lookout for fees. You may find a free discount card that saves you as much or more than one with fees! Some discount card companies will charge a monthly fee to use their program.

If you take some time to research, you may find that you can save substantially with these cards compared to the cost of the same medications through your insurance.


GoodRx is one of the most popular prescription discount cards available. It is accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies and covers almost all FDA-approved drugs. This free service includes significant savings. Are you looking for deeper discounts? GoodRx Gold is their premium subscription service. It costs $6 for an individual and $10 for a family of up to 6. If you or your family purchase multiple medications, GoodRx Gold can save you more money than the subscription cost. If you like what GoodRx offers for free, you’ll want to check out GoodRx Gold.

To get started, download GoodRx’s mobile app and check for discounts in your area. The app allows you to present the coupon on your phone when purchasing medications. If you decide to try GoodRx Gold, you’ll have access to even more significant discounts and receive discounts on services available in-app. Some services, like telehealth appointments, are available through GoodRx Gold, and co-pays can be as low as $10 per visit. For more information or to sign up, visit: https://www.goodrx.com/


SingleCare is a free service open to all US residents over 18. While they are accepted at only 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, SingleCare offers some additional features that may make them your preferred prescription discount card, such as a Bonus Savings program. Depending on your prescription needs, this bonus program may be able to save you money! You can earn money towards future prescriptions when you register for this free service. They even offer $5 just for enrolling.

This discount service doesn’t offer a premium version. This benefit means that everyone has access to the same great discounts. Some medications are available for 80% off retail prices! A great benefit to SingleCare is the discounts it offers on pet medications. This savings can be excellent for people who have pets that need expensive prescriptions. Some pet medicines also have human formulations, and SingleCare can provide deep discounts on those drugs! To start saving up to 80% on your prescription drug costs, visit SingleCare’s website: https://www.singlecare.com/.

Optum Perks

You can use Optum Perks at 64,000 pharmacy chains and local pharmacies. As AARP’s official prescription discount program, this service does not require any enrolment or membership. Formerly known as SearchRx, this program negotiates discounts on medication through bulk buys. This program is not insurance, and you should present your insurance card at the pharmacy to see which saves you the most money. To see what you can save, visit Optum Perk’s website: https://perks.optum.com/.

Blink Health

Blink Health is a free service available to US residents. While only accepted at 35,000 pharmacies, they also have their online pharmacy that offers free delivery! Blink Health can save you up to 80% on some medications. They specialize in fewer widely prescribed drugs and do not include certain newer or more expensive drugs. They can offer prescriptions for certain common medications like birth control, hair loss, high cholesterol, etc. If you don’t have a prescription, you can benefit from online consultations with Blink Health physicians. If you are struggling with the price of common medications, see what you can save at: https://www.blinkhealth.com/.


RxSaver is an excellent choice for those needing access to higher-priced maintenance medications. This service has 60,000 participating pharmacies. They offer a mobile app or printable coupons which can access savings of up to 85% off retail prices! Have a chronic medical condition? RxSaver offers the Rx Advocacy Program, which has a monthly fee of around $60. Not open to everyone, this program has an application process to determine eligibility. Membership can allow access to low-cost or free medications! Are you worried about paying too much for high-priced maintenance drugs? See what you can save with RxSaver at their website: https://www.rxsaver.com/.

Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance Programs

Prescription discount cards aren’t the only way to save money on your medications. United States residents enrolled in a Medicare Drug Plan (Part D) can search for nationwide and State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs on Medicare’s website.

These programs may cover part or all of the cost of prescription medications for consumers who meet the qualifications. This feature is a great benefit that many people with Medicare Drug Plan (Part D) don’t even know exists!

If you have trouble paying for your prescription medications, these programs might save you a lot of money!

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