State Farm Insurance Review

Finding the right insurance policy for your home or auto can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are so many different companies and offerings on the market that it can be difficult to know if you are getting the right value or coverage that meets your needs. Here we provide an overview of State Farm Insurance and some information and guidelines to help you determine if it is a good fit for your needs. 

State Farm Insurance has been around for 100 years and has locations all around the country. With over 19,000 agents, there is sure to be one that services your geographical area. The company’s motto, “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” emphasizes its unique approach to its business. The company wants its customers to feel like friends or neighbors, and they strive to give a personal and friendly approach in the way they handle their claims.  

The vision of its founder, G.J. Merchele was to offer honest insurance coverage at fair prices. His effort in doing so allowed the company to soar to the top of the industry and develop a strong and loyal following. You can read more about the company’s impact over the years by visiting its digital Good Neighbor Center, which discusses its success and milestones. 

State Farm Auto Insurance 

State Farm boasts an average saving of $597 versus other companies for their auto insurance and offers car insurance quotes to meet any budget. In general, the average full coverage policy runs about $112 per month, but this number will vary based on various criteria. 

They offer a “Drive Safe & Safe” discount that allows them to track your driving habits (such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, and phone distraction) via your smartphone or a connected car. You can obtain a discount of up to 30% for demonstrating regular safe driving. Each individual car in your household can be enrolled in the program, and the discount is vehicle specific. 

Insurance For Younger Drivers

For younger drivers, the “Steer Clear” program provides a discount for licensed drivers who are under the age of 25 years old and have had no at-fault accidents or moving violations within the past three years. The participants enrolled in this discount also must complete a training program that consists of course training, practice driving, and mentoring. Additionally, teen drivers can also earn discounts by getting good grades. 

As you can see from the chart, because insurance companies are so competitive, you will likely find similar offerings available. This fact can make it even more confusing and challenging to decide which company to choose. 

This following table shows the average monthly cost of State Farm auto insurance compared with the rates for other large companies. Note that these rates are based on a 35-year-old driver with good credit and a good driving record. Therefore, other variables exist (location, driver, vehicle make and model, etc.) which would positively or negatively affect these sample rates.  

Company Average Annual Cost   Average Monthly Cost
State Farm$1,339$112

As you can see, the average rates for these three companies are highly competitive and comparable. However, it is easy for you to quickly see your personalized rate as State Farm has a tool on their website that allows you to enter your vehicle and driver information and receive a free instant quote in just a few minutes. You can quickly see if yours falls above or below the average. 

You can also contact your local State Farm Insurance agent to speak directly with an agent in your neighborhood and get personalized attention in choosing the right coverage based on their “good neighbor” approach. 

State Farm Home Insurance Categories

State Farm offers homeowners insurance, condo unit insurance, renter insurance, rental property, and manufactured home insurance. They also allow you to attach policies for personal articles to protect the valuables in your residence. When you get a quote for a policy, you make any add-on selections that you need, and they will all be included in your quote.  

Although homeowners insurance is not always required by law, which is often the case for auto insurance, it is something that all homeowners want to have to protect their large investment. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may be required to have proper insurance based on the rental agreement for your building. Consider local laws and your signed rental agreements for specific rules and requirements. 

What Are The Benefits Of State Farm Homeowners Insurance? 

State Farm offers a variety of coverage options for different needs and budgets. If you also have your car insurance with them, you can bundle it with your homeowner’s policy for an annual savings of $1,127.00. 

State Farm provides discounts for homes that have installed fire, smoke, burglar alarms, or other monitoring systems. They also offer roofing discounts if your home uses certain products, such as hail-resistant shingles or class 4 shingles. 

You can choose the option of a higher deductible for your policy which means that the rates of your premium will be significantly lower. Some people choose this option if they feel they would rather have a lower payment and know they have enough money to handle any unexpected claims. Still, if damage occurs, your out-of-pocket expenses will be higher. 

As with auto insurance, the State Farm website allows you to enter your customized criteria and get a personalized homeowners insurance quote within minutes. If you prefer to speak to a person, you can contact and meet with your local State Farm agent to get personalized attention and advice in selecting the options that best meet your needs. 

What Other Insurance Does State Farm Offer? 

In addition to homeowners and auto, State Farm offers insurance options for boats, off-road vehicles, motorhomes, and farms/ranches. You can cover almost anything you need to be protected with one of their options. 

They also have life insurance options, supplemental and individual health insurance, pet medical (via their Trupanion program), disability, and personal/business liability. 

Finally, there are investment and banking options available with the company, such as:

  • Personal and Business Checking and Savings 
  • Home Loans 
  • Retirement planning and IRAs
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Education Savings 
  • Estate Planning & Trusts 
  • Annuities 

As you can see, the company covers the full spectrum of insurance and investment offerings, and it is one of the largest in the country.   

Final Review Of State Farm Insurance  

Compared to other large competitors in the insurance industry, State Farm has significantly fewer customer complaints, indicating a highly-satisfied customer base. Today, they cover more drivers in the United States than any other company. 

Their website is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. They offer a mobile app where you can quickly file and manage any claims from the convenience of your smartphone or another mobile device. 

Here are some other pros and cons of State Farm Insurance based on research and customer feedback: 


  • Discounts for safe driving, young drivers, multiple vehicles, and bundling of home and auto insurance 
  • Over 19,000 neighborhood agents across the country are familiar with geographic area conditions and other local variables to help you get the best rates for your area and create the package that most meets your individual needs. 
  • An award-winning mobile app that provides the ability to file claims, manage your insurance premiums, access your ID cards, request roadside assistance, and more. 
  • Offers personal banking, business banking, and investment options giving you a one-stop-shop for both insurance and financial needs. 
  • Local offices are available for customers to meet with their insurance agent and develop a personal relationship built on trust. 


  • It can have higher rates than some competitors depending on location and coverage. 
  • Some states or locations may not be taking new customers at the time, and not all coverage features are available in all locations. 
  • Some customers expressed frustrations with completing roofing claims through the company.  

Overall, State Farm is a great choice for auto insurance for both new and experienced drivers, and 1 in 6 drivers in the United States use it for insurance. It is also a good option for those who want to bundle products or like the simplicity of having their insurance and financial portfolios all under one trusted company.

It often ranks within the top 3 picks for auto and homeowners insurance, and many customers like the fact that it is always easy to speak with someone in person or by phone. I would not hesitate to use State Farm for my insurance needs if provided with the right quote and protection level that I needed. 

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2 thoughts on “State Farm Insurance Review”

  1. I was a long-term Progressive customer. At a time when I thought my insurance premiums should be going down, they seemed to go up, even with a perfect driving record. It seemed there was always another charge I didn’t understand. Between moving cars off as my kids grew older and moved out, to adding a car here and there, there always seemed to be penalties or fees for not adding or dropping at the right time. It was miserable trying to get someone on the phone who could explain why I had additional fees, and it always left me frustrated. So when it was time to renew my policy, I decided to do some research. That was when I switched to State Farm. Best decision!

    I had always thought State Farm was too expensive compared to the other companies, but after taking all of my information and helping me understand their coverage recommendations, they quoted me a premium that was $200 cheaper per month for the same auto coverage I had with Progressive, AND I had added more items for coverage than I had on my previous policy. I purchased automobile coverage for both me and my son, rental coverage, and camper coverage. I had not had renter’s or camper coverage before going with State Farm, and I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was. Being able to get these items covered was such a relief to me.

    Besides the typical good driver, multi-vehicles, and good student discounts, they also offered us the opportunity to get an additional discount by taking a defensive driving course, which we did. There is also a Drive Safe & Save program where they monitor your driving habits and then you get an additional discount at each policy renewal. And there are a ton more discounts you may qualify for, as well.

    In addition to saving me money, I also like that I can manage my account online or by the mobile app. I find both of these extremely convenient and easy to use. I can pay my bill online, file a claim, or request roadside assistance. They have automated bill pay for anyone who is unorganized or forgetful and needs to make sure their payment is made on time. And I get an email reminder before my payment is debited from my account so that I am prepared for the payment.

    One of the best things about going with State Farm is that I am lucky to have a local agent who is also a friend. The entire staff is professional and courteous, and their service and knowledge are superb. I always get quick answers to my questions, even after hours. I have already referred some friends to our agent. I am very happy with the company and the coverage I have.

  2. Our insurance company is with State Farm here in Southern California. The owner is Rich Carillo and the service is excellent. If I were to give it a star rating out of five I would probably give it a six. Since that isn’t an option, five out of five. We have almost a full package with State Farm. There’s homeowners, earthquake, fire and full auto. Our travel trailer is also covered, but it’s not quite the same as either homeowners or auto when it’s parked. This coverage gives us peace of mind, especially in earthquake country.

    Pricing is fairly affordable, considering where we live. Homeowners covers fire as well and it runs sixteen hundred dollars a year. Earthquake insurance is twelve hundred per year and auto is nine hundred. The travel trailer runs about three hundred dollars a year. Our daughter has used the insurance the most. She and our granddaughter live with us and she has to do a lot more driving than we do.

    She has been in several accidents, mostly caused by other drivers. State Farm provided all her needs. I am aware of some of the other things this agency does, though they aren’t things that necessarily have to be done. Mr. Carillo himself will often go and see those who have had their homes damaged or destroyed by fire. He could leave it to the adjusters, but that personal touch makes this a great company to have insurance with. The in-office personnel are equally attentive.

    When a new agent arrived several years ago, she started to learn Spanish and Portuguese so she could communicate with the customers who only spoke those languages. Today she is said to be fluent in both. To take personal time to learn something for a job is a touch of excellence. We’ve had State Farm insurance since 1987, although we switched to this agency about ten years ago. The first agency was not as attentive nor did they go out of their way to help when we had a problem. This agency is so much better.

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