Top 10 Insurance Affiliate Programs 2022

As new players entered the space, the United States’ insurance industry was constantly in flux. These new players tried their hand at business and discovered new regulations and competitive pricing. As a result, the industry as a whole faced an uncertain future. Reformed laws could have attracted new companies to the market. Still, if insurance conglomerates were allowed to grow too much more, consumers and regulators might have collectively forced the companies to separate.

In addition, political events also impacted the industry, such as a re-examination of tax revenues in the United States and Europe. These trends affected how consumers around the world purchased insurance. While some areas were using insurance to afford the medical care that would otherwise be unavailable, other countries did not adopt this trend in mass. As a whole, there were areas where insurers around the globe flourished.

Insurance Affiliate

The affiliate insurance industry has experienced a paradigm shift in the past few years. In an era of increasing competition and fragmented marketplaces, insurance as an affiliate program has emerged as a new and exciting option. That’s why it’s so great to see the increasing interest in insurance as an affiliate program.

Also, it’s important to remember that insurance companies do not have access to all of the same data as other significant players in the affiliate space (namely Google). It can make it difficult for an insurance company to track performance and optimize accordingly. However, this process becomes much more manageable with an affiliate program.

Even though you can buy any insurance online, you still have to pay the hefty prices for them. An Insurance Affiliate program is a way to earn extra money and the money you already make. You can use the program to invite your friends and family, and when they sign up, they get a percentage of the business. The more customers you can refer and sign up with, the more money you will earn.

Top 10 Insurance Affiliate Programs

As you grow as an affiliate and learn new skills, you can cover the entire cost of your insurance and even save some extra money. You can easily and quickly become well-versed in several diverse insurance affiliate programs with our selection of reputable organizations. We can help you find the best affiliate programs you will hopefully enjoy working with from home. Here are the top 10 insurance affiliate programs to work on in 2022.

1. Allstate Affiliate Program

Allstate is a major United States insurance company specializing in covering businesses and individuals with workers’ compensation, home insurance, and other risks. The business has been one of the best Insurance companies in the United States for many years. It has more than 50,000 employees who work on projects that provide ease to its customers.

Allstate affiliate partners with Impact to provide publishers with trust and stability in their relationship with the company. Allowing for greater control over your content and offering monthly commission deposits that help support their mission. As an affiliate, you can promote Allstate Home Insurance, Autos, Motorcycles, and Renters. Along with getting a client to buy insurance, you also get a commission based on the insurance quote. You get paid when one of your readers submits for a free Allstate price online.


Auto Insurance$15.00
Home Insurance$20.00
Motorcycle Insurance$6.00
Auto/Renters Bundle$8.00

2. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Liberty Mutual has been considered one of the most innovative and developable companies in the business. They have maintained a level of transparency that is significant for both their customers and themselves. Their customer service is top-notch, and they are always willing to help out with anything that needs to be done. It provides insurance for accidents, vehicles, renters, land, etc.

You can earn more from Liberty Mutual than anywhere else as an affilate. You can promote their Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Rental Insurance programs. They have the highest commission payouts differing from each campaign. You earn a commission when a visitor from your website completes a quote on the Liberty Mutual website. As they see more high-quality traffic coming from your website, they even give an increment in commission.

They are linked with Commission Junction. A completely independent tracking and revenue processing service that helps businesses track the conversions of their content into leads.


Auto Insurance$10.00
Home Insurance$10.00
Renters Insurance$3.00

As mentioned above, the commission keeps increasing based on the quality of traffic that you provide.

3. Meet Breeze Affiliate Program

Breeze is an online insurance company that offers products and services endorsed by the Assurity Life Insurance Company, giving arrangements in the U.S. for well over a century. The company was founded in 2019 and offered insurance in Long-Term Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Short-Term Disability Insurance.

The Meet Breeze Affiliate Program is easy and quick to sign-up. They offer a generous commission for every qualified lead. They also provide you with resources to make your work easy. All sales and commissions are handled through their reliable tracking system, which makes it easy to track your insurance leads and the results of your marketing campaigns.

PERKS: Their commissions vary from policy to policy

4. eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

eHealthInsurance insurance program aims to help people find the perfect health care solution for their specific needs. The program is designed around people who want to live a positive life with easy access to the best quality of health care possible. eHealthInsurance believes that this is the key to a happier, healthier world. By providing a simple, affordable way to adapt your wellbeing and health, they are working to promote a more healthy and happy world.

You can quickly join their affiliate program through their website. The company will provide you with links that you can post on your website or blog and earn a handsome commission every time a visitor from your website applies for insurance from them.


Dental Health Insurance$10.00
Understudy Health Insurance$20.00
Independent Company Group Health Insurance$75.00
Insurance for a short period$10.00

5. Gerber Life Insurance Affiliate Program

Gerber started as a baby food company and became a life insurance company in 1967. They provide family life insurance for both adults and children. Their products include both life insurance policies and college tuition saving plans. 

Their insurance affiliate program is known for high conversion rates. Gerber is a well-known company, respected by many people, so, understandably, their conversion rate would be reasonably good. They offer $25 per referral, and the price increases as the quality of traffic from your website do. 

PERKS: As mentioned above, they offer $25 per referral, and the commission increases with the increase in traffic quality.

6. Lemonade Insurance Affiliate Program

Lemonade company is dedicated to providing an effective policy to meet the needs of its customers and the environment. The insurance business has been around for many years and takes care of its products, people, environment, and customers. Lemonade’s unique qualities make it a standalone insurance company. Instead of premium packages, you can pay a flat fee each month.

They have a $25.50 referral fee every time you refer someone and no campaign caps. There is no earnings limit to the amount you can earn. Their program is run through Awin, so you’ll need an account there before getting started.  

PERKS: $25.50 per referral

7. True Blue Life Insurance Affiliate Program

True Blue is a company that lives and dies for our customer’s benefit. They strive to provide service that resembles their high-quality standards and customer satisfaction. We work closely with insurance agencies to help them with their needs and wants. True Blue is the perfect candidate if you are looking for someone to help you get the insurance you need.

The company’s affiliate program is easy to join, and they pay variable commissions even if new referrals do not complete a sale.


Application Request Submission$25.00
Agent Contact Request$10.00
Diabetic Quote Request$5.00
Email Quote$5.00

8. Chubb Affiliate Program

ChubbTravel Insurance Company is the biggest loss insurance agency in the United States, and it serves everyone with policyholders across 54 different countries. ChubbTravel Insurance provides peace of mind for businesses and travelers everywhere. They offer a lot of other coverages for car accidents, airplane crashes, train accidents, and terrorist attacks to stay safe while on vacation or traveling by water or land.

It is the perfect solution for those who travel and business owners who want to protect themselves from loss, damage, and fraud. You can earn healthy commissions on bringing your clients, individuals, or representatives to Chubb Travel Insurance through different platforms. You can use a wide variety of ads and links that they provide on your website to attract clients.

9. NetQuote Affiliate Program

Net Quote is a comprehensive online insurance policy shop that offers consumers a wide variety of options, designed to be as easy and convenient as possible for the customer. The company was founded in 1989 and until now has been often able to offer customers not only traditional policies but also health, life, auto, and business insurance products. They do not directly sell insurance.

They believe in a long-term relationship with their clients. The NetQuote Affiliate Program is the easiest to join with a straightforward online application. As an affiliate, you’ll get paid for each lead you generate. Plus, you’ll see payouts increment with your volume and quality.

Auto Insurance$5.00
homeowner Insurance$9.00
standard life insurance$2.5

Standard payouts range from $3.5 to $20

10. CoverWallet Affiliate Program

If you want your business to be covered by business insurance, then Coverwallet is the perfect resource for you. CoverWallet provides you with quotes on business insurance that cover the things such as marine, cyber, and workers’ comp. They have a wide range of policies to choose from to ensure you get the right coverage for your needs. They provide policy prices and reviews of business insurance providers so you can get a clear understanding of which one will work best for your needs.

By joining the CoverWallet affiliate program, you will be able to earn money for every client you refer and purchases an insurance policy. You get a $30 commission for every sale.

PERKS: $30 per sale

How to promote affiliate links successfully – 6 essential tips

When you’re trying to get people to buy a product or service, using various forms of marketing can be effective. However, it can get complicated at times, and the best marketers know that you need to speak to several different audiences simultaneously. That’s where affiliates come in. Affiliates are people who promote a brand or product through their websites, email newsletters, and other marketing channels. When you promote products or services through your websites and other marketing channels, called “brands” by marketers, you’re a “brand ambassador” or “brand promoter” in the eyes of the general public. This article lists five essential tips for promoting affiliate links successfully.

1. Use a branded or store devoted email newsletter.

Many affiliate programs now come with email newsletters that promote your products and services. These emails typically come with a themed topic and have a detailed description of the products or services included in the email. It is an effective way to get your products or services in front of a large audience. If you choose a program with a lot of competition, you may wish to consider designing a newsletter that is specific to your industry.

2. Have a range of different offers/bundles

If you choose to offer many different products or services, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t flood your website or email list with too many ads. You also don’t want your visitors to perceive you as too pushy when you email them with offers. A good rule is to avoid including suggestions that you would feel obligated to take anyway. Any affiliate link you present to the public should be something you would consider buying yourself, so your visitors can relate.

3. Use OTO (On-Site-Triggered) Advertising

On-site-triggered advertising is where you put your ads on the actual website that your visitors are visiting. When someone lands on your website, your ads will instantly be triggered and appear on the visitor’s computer screen. It is an effective way to get your products or services in front of your target audience. You can also trigger on-site advertising when visitors sign up for your email list. It’s a fantastic way to get your visitors to sign up for your email list even if they’re not interested in your products or services.

4. Create compelling content

Having compelling content is crucial when promoting various brands. People love to read, and you can use this to your advantage by creating informative blog posts or videos that your visitors can binge-watch without taking a break from their day. Visitors to your website are more likely to stick around if you keep them engaged with your content, so make sure you provide value through your blog or videos.

5. Be consistent and laser-focused

When you promote various brands through your websites, email lists, and other marketing channels, you’re essentially “sold” to the public by those brands. You must maintain a consistent approach to promoting brands and putting those brands in front of the right audience. You can do this by following a few basic rules: – Don’t put too much emphasis on one or two keywords. Focus on a wide range of keywords to create a focused brand.

Put your all into one topic. Don’t bring in multiple topic titles per email thread or website post. – Be consistent with your branding. Don’t use a different logo or category on every website or email list. – Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and help out your affiliates

6. Do not be afraid to ask people for feedback 

You’ll often come across an affiliate struggling to promote their products or services through various channels. You may even come across an affiliate who asks you for help. While it’s never a good idea to pressure your affiliate’s friends to promote your products or services, you can at least offer support where it’s needed most. 

If you’re struggling to promote your products or services, it’s important to remember that you need to direct your energy into growing your business. By following these six tips, you’ll be able to promote your affiliate links more effectively and increase your chances of long-term success. 

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