Top 20 Insurance Book Gift Ideas

Amazon first started as a bookstore and still has a massive collection in its library. New insurance books are still being written to provide the public with knowledge about the subject. Presented in this article are the top 20 insurance book gift ideas. Insurance is essential to our lives, both in general and personal. It protects us from life risks, such as natural disasters, fire, VB-2 disease, and car accidents. It also helps us cover costs if we’re injured or have a pre-existing condition. Finally, it’s the only way we can protect our loved ones and our homes from financial ruin.

Keeping this in mind, many insurance experts and writers have written and published their books about different types of insurance, how they work, and the best practices for an ordinary man. Amazon is an excellent place to post your books as it can help you generate sales and get great reviews based on the quality of your content. 

Top List of Amazon Insurance Books

The below list is based on research from the Amazon books category. The highest-rated and exciting insurance books are added here. These have helped many and will also help you go deep into the world of insurance. You will explore different types of insurance and their benefits and drawbacks. So please stick with us, and let’s explore the list together.  

1. Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement 

Understanding Health Insurance

It is an inviting and comprehensive book that provides the guidelines and codes for a beautiful career in medical billing and health information management. The book has a detailed review of the prominent USA insurance companies. It has also updated to new legislation rights, covering various topics such as alliterations in the Affordable care act.

Written by the author Michelle green, the professor at Health insurance, the Health Insurance Guide also provides a Mindtap, which gives the students a lot of options than they got before! It covers many primary and essential topics such as clinical documentation, managed care, standard insurance plans, etc. Not only that, but the workbook also provides application-based assignments making it a must-buy.

2. Structured Finance and Insurance: The ART of Managing Capital and Risk 

Structured Finance And Insurance

This book has provided ample amounts of non-financial enterprises paired with unique techniques by integrating capital and risks. It has extensive coverage, such as the solutions for managing market, operational, legal, and other risk factors. It subtends new insights, and the bankers will gain fruitful knowledge through the well-organized approach.

Structured Finance and Insurance has multiple exciting features that urge the readers to go through it mandatorily. This book reviews various capital management, retrocession, and sureties. Also, the book has clever tactics of ART and structural Insurance that focus upon multi-line, finite risks, and contingent cover. It is a comprehensive guide that presents the readers with alternate insurance techniques for corporations.

Written by CHRISTOPHER L. CULP, a Ph.D. and Director of Risk Management Consulting Services Inc in various famous cities, this book comes equipped with all you need to know about the risk transfer through the balance mechanism, making it a perfect guide.

3. Family Child Care: Legal and Insurance Guide

Family Child Care - Legal & Insurance Guide

This comprehensive read helps the users with all the knowledge about managing a family child care by using insurance and legal planning.

This book cover issues which you mightn’t have thought about; well-resourced and anticipated, Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide prepares you well to run a successful corporate. It guides through practical methods to increase the knowledge about the prosperity and health of companies. 

It encompasses research and purchases through running a family child care business through legal and insurance planning.

The writer, Mary Milliard, has a deep background in finance and has penned down various books relevant to the business issues that family child care faces. It has detailed advice for business structures. The preventative measures and the strategies for legal matters are presented excellently.

4. Insurance Law in a Nutshell 

Insurance Law

This book is an outstanding authentic source for getting acknowledgment about the topics such as insurer defenses, waiver, estoppel, subrogation, reinsurance, recovery, and bonds. Not just this, the expert analysis provides a versatile range of the clever decisions that an insurance lawyer should make concerning the outcomes and errors.

This book composes if a good summarized points of insurance laws. It is eloquently written, with user-friendly vocabulary, summarising all the aspects in an easy-to-understand way. It uses accessible references and remains the concise and right choice for all.

This book is a reliable source covering the fundamentals of insurance law. In addition, expert analysis provides a sense of the peculiar directions insurance law would take, and their erroneous outcomes, if the pure principles of contract law were applied.

5. Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Guide To Wrokers Compensation Insurance

It is a profound extensive guide that helps business owners understand and reduce the cost of growing worker’s compensation insurance. The book helps to understand the policies and consult other ways to approach the conventional insurance method. It helps in a better evaluation of insurers and agents. Not only this, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance will help you with money-saving tactics.

The writer, Edward J. Priz, has a detailed experience as an insurance agent and consultant; in this book, he reveals the secrets of saving costs and helped to reclaim more than ten million dollars authorized for workers’ compensation.

It helps set up a cottage plan and details every state’s differing rules and regulations. It is a scholarly book that guides the users through their business.

6. Money. Wealth. Life Insurance.: How the Wealthy Use Life Insurance as a Tax-Free Personal Bank to Supercharge Their Savings

Money Wealth Life Insurance

A tempting book, the Americans have remained a great fan of it. This book teaches about risk management rather than talking trash. It gives a high cash value to help pile up your savings. This book is instrumental as it mentions the magical insurance techniques that led to the success of Walt Disney, Ray Croc, and a lot of others to name.

Money. Wealth. Life Insurance covers many exciting aspects by the author Jake Thompson that have wasted the lives of ample individuals, business owners, and families. It tells about how the rich people are getting more wealthy by avoiding risks and how a safe and predictable enterprise gets created through the individual financial choices, which are well guided by the book. A simplified version of life insurance provides excellent knowledge of its core benefits.

7. Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified: The Ultimate “How to” Insurance Guide for Agents, Brokers, Underwriters, and Adjusters

Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified

Insurance is a complex subject. It is not easy to understand all concepts in one book. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive book on insurance, this is the one.

This book, in detail, tells about the casualty concepts. These concepts are pretty essential for all insurance practitioners. They conveniently include the insurance policies, where losses are excluded, and an extensive detailed list of insurance-associated terms.

It encompasses the ultimate guide for beginners and allows them to deal smoothly without making the wrong choices. This book will help make the corporation reach massive levels of success. Still, it also plays a vital role in the success and development of the agent, broker, underwriter, or adjuster. This book already possesses a great fan base and is a great read.

The simplified property and casualty insurance concepts are written user-friendly, easy-to-read way. It is well-written and discusses the core subject effectively. Discussing finance and actuarial with interest, the coverage is admired by many users. This book remains to be an excellent starter for the concept of reinsurance, wholesale and general agency. 

8. Insurance: Concepts & Coverage: Property, Liability, Life, Health, and Risk Management

Insurance Concepts And Coverage

This perfect handbook provides a unique, actionable way to make the industry function promptly. It effectively covers health, life, liability, and property insurance.

The book has interesting concepts that are not just described, but it also envokes practical and critical thinking to help in the whole corporate section. It discusses various concepts and helps beginners and insurance agents to learn a lot.

Written by Dr. Reavis is an activist for the insurance company. It remains a perfect book for the non-risk manager when dealing with queries related to insurance.

The book covers all the terms and limitations. It is readable and covers the great insurance laws of the U.S. with concise geographic information. For the contract person who is unaware of how to carry out insurance-related decisions. It helps to form an excellent base for beginners. This book is something you will not regret reading.

9. Life and Health Insurance License Exam Secrets Study Guide – Full-Length Practice Test, Detailed Answer Explanations

Life and Health Insurance License

This book is an excellent read for people who needs to pass the health insurance and life test. The exam is pretty challenging and demanding. With this guide, one can go through extensive practice questions. The book has excellent tips and strategies and an in-depth review of all the Health and Life test sections.

It is a must-buy to pass the examinations, covering all the topics in-depth. It helps provide excellent learning and revision. The book has extensive practice questions and tips to help you pass effortlessly. The terms are explained in an easy-to-understand way, and this book will prove to be an essential guide for you to reference.

This guide is an essential key to help you effectively pass the exams in the principles, and all the concepts aren’t just described but also allow critical thinking. This guide aids in getting you specific information which has helped a lot of pupils pass the exams smoothly! A perfect investment for your future to excel in your life with a career in health and insurance.

10. Navigating Health Insurance

Navigating Health Insurance

This book is a practical and well-resourced guide to help understand and comprehend navigation systems from the consumer perspective. Navigating Health insurance begins with a history and comparison of U.S. insurance and then well explains the good and the bad aspects of health insurance in the U.S.

The readers have acknowledged the fundamental health principles. Critical thinking challenges the readers to consider the change in the market and the social philosophies.

The associate dean for faculty Affairs and Academics wrote it impeccably in an easy-to-understand way covering the vast dynamics of health insurance. It is a savior for navigating health insurance.

11. Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement

Understanding Health Insurance - A Guide To Billing And Reimbursement

This book is a delight because it contains essential topics such as the latest managed care, legal and regulatory issues, coding systems, compliance and reimbursement methods, clinical documentation improvement (coding for medical necessity) and standard health insurance plans.

This workbook helps supplement this course with additional activities, tips, and relevant information for coders, whether they are in the certification process or background they may have.

One can learn about electronic claims processing, performance measurement, and clinical quality language processing for new material. These resources don’t only teach you how to use the CMS-1500 when filing your insurance claims but also give practice by testing you on it using interactive exercises found in MindTap online.

12. Friendly Agent: The secrets behind building a multi-million dollar Insurance agency

Friendly Agent

Here’s an intelligent choice. You can either spend years of your life and thousands of dollars learning things the hard way or take a shortcut and read this book to get wisdom from successful agents and thought leaders at top insurance agencies.

This book teaches how startups create billion-dollar-plus by leveraging technology to rise above the myriad of agencies and compete with local and online agencies. You also know how to build a team with your mindset to take care of clients while growing your business.

You can either spend years/thousands of dollars figuring things out for yourself or read this book and get wisdom from successful agents and thought leaders at top insurance agencies.

13. Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

This book thoroughly examines complex but wholly essential issues involving risk management, insurance, and complex financial topics. Principles blend Risk Management fundamentals with Insurance principles and relevant Consumer Considerations to allow students to apply basic principles to their personal lives.

The 14th Edition covers global concerns such as natural disasters and terrorism to domestic problems like the Affordable Care Act, healthcare reform, and several other global economic issues.

Redja’s Principles of Risk Management and Insurance provides an in-depth examination of major risk themes. Using rich and up-to-date content on the basic concepts of risk and insurance, and introductory and advanced topics in traditional and enterprise risk management, the text is relevant to a wide number of disciplines in the business realm.

14. Live Your Life Insurance

Live Your Life Insurance

Live Your Life Insurance shows you how to make your most crucial asset even more valuable. By applying the advice in this book, you will be able to harness the power of your term life insurance policy to insure yourself and use it as an investment vehicle too!

No matter what age you are, Live Your Life Insurance is suitable for anyone looking for practical wealth-building ideas who has applied for or currently holds a term life insurance policy. It could be the best money you ever invest.

15. The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution

The Future of Insurance

This book, The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution, Volume II, is a comprehensive and robust study on how it feels to get into the industry and all that comes with it. This book contains such helpful content – mainly since it covers the stories of eight startups while also researching their ideas, business models, and processes behind each one.

Starting your own insurance company isn’t easy at all. It can be hard to launch a startup in this industry. Still, after reading through this book, you should feel much more confident about what’s ahead and how to prepare yourself or your organization to face the tough challenges ahead as we move forward with this well-respected industry.

16. Navigating the Insurance Maze: The Therapist’s Complete Guide to Working With Insurance

Navigating the Insurance Maze

Written by a well-established psychologist author, this easy-to-read telehealth billing and coding manual will provide you with relevant information to help you combat commonly encountered issues when trying to bill for sessions attended by clients at remotely located facilities.

You can use this book as an essential reference that answers ALL your questions about working with employee assistance programs (EAP), managed care coordinators (MCC), and anything else relating directly to insurance claims.

If you’re a psychotherapist and don’t accept insurance, you’re losing clients who need to use their health benefits.

17. Underwriters of the United States: How Insurance Shaped the American Founding 

Underwriters of the United States

Deeply and imaginatively researched, The Underwriters of the United States uses marine insurance to reveal an original story of risk, money, and power back in the founding era.

Addressing a subject that other scholars have often overlooked, this writer contributes to our understanding of the early republic. Insurance companies supported the expansion of American maritime enterprise and economic development.

They also invested their capital in banking systems which helped keep the national government created by the Constitution. These underwriters took huge risks, but they did so because they believed in protecting their fellow citizens through policies that strategically worked together to create thriving communities within cities.

18. Professional Lines Insurance, An Oral History: The People and Companies Who Built a Niche

Professional Lines Insurance

In this book, the writer takes his readers on an insider’s tour of the professional lines insurance industry in the U.S., Bermuda, and Great Britain. By sharing his own experiences, he immerses us in his exciting world as we learn about some of the people who operate in this field every day.

The writer and his friends talk about their adventures when working in the insurance industry. They talk about all of the wacky things that happened to them while on the job. You will feel as though you know these people and their stories by the time you are finished reading. 

This book is your chance to sit down at a relaxing dinner with Larry Goanos and listen to him, and about 400 of his peers, friends, and rivals spin a few yarns about their days in the professional lines insurance industry.

19. The End of Insurance As We Know It: How Millennials, Insurtech, and Venture Capital Will Disrupt the Ecosystem

The End of Insurance As We Know It

The End of Insurance is an informative handbook for insurance professionals, outlining why the industry is experiencing rapid change. ​You’ll find it detailed and informative, full of insights on the hows and whys of the current state of affairs from those there when it all began and what future trends you can expect to see in this exciting landscape.

The book is helpful reading not just for you but for other insurance experts, technologists wishing to improve the sector, founders starting up on their own, or investors looking to profit.

An international bestseller since its release, The End Of Insurance As We Know It is a one-in-a-generation book that goes into detail on why the insurance industry, long considered stodgy and boring, is experiencing foundational changes that are unprecedented in modern memory.

20. The Digital Life Insurance Agent: How to Market Life Insurance Online And Sell Over the Phone

The Digital Life Insurance Agent

So you’ve decided to become an online insurance agent? Fantastic! In this book, you will go through a step-by-step process of how to do precisely that with the help of an in-house Guru and his simple Digital Life Marketing Plan.

When agents follow this marketing plan, they can rest assured of waking up every day to receive leads, regardless of whether they are sitting in their office or on the beach, because what matters most in marketing are your end goals.

The Digital Life Insurance Agent is the essential guide for life insurance agents of all skill levels to transition into the digital age.

What Makes Insurance Book Rank on Amazon?

A book’s popularity is determined by how much it attracts readers. Amazon calculates this by looking at Now, the amazon rank for a new book. 

  • A new book that ranks at or above the average amazon ranking for books of 10 pages or less will be given an increase in its market share.
  • A book that ranks below the average amazon ranking for books of 10 pages or less will be given a decrease in its market share. 
  • The more popular the book, the higher it will rank. The more unpopular the book, the lower it will rank.

Amazon calculates this by looking at what percentage of readers finish reading a book and how many pages they read. If few people finish reading a book, or if few people read many pages of a book, Amazon will lower its ranking. If many people finish reading a book or read many pages, Amazon will increase its ranking.

A popular book on will often have reviews from others who have purchased the book. These reviews can be good or bad, but they will be positive. Often, popular books on will also have reviews from people who own the book and those who don’t already have it, which means that many people would like to skim a book till the end without stopping.


In this detailed article, we have discussed the top 20 insurance-related books on Amazon. We have also discussed what Amazon and Insurance are. We also debated what criteria a particular book must follow to rank on Amazon. A summary of each book is written to help readers get an outline of what a specific book offers. Each text was picked from the Amazon books library and was well rated.

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