Wedding Insurance For Special Events

Wedding insurance is special event insurance that protects you financially from the unexpected. Nobody plans to damage property at a venue, but with a large crowd, it can happen. If a guest accidentally breaks furniture or parts of the decor in and around your dream venue, the owners will expect compensation. Unfortunately, they will likely want compensation from you. 

Wedding insurance can protect you from damage caused by your guests, even if it happened accidentally. Property damage is only one thing you need to be prepared for at a wedding. Are you serving liquor at your event? You can be held liable for liquor-related incidents if they occur. These incidents can even happen if you host the wedding at your own home. Host liquor liability is an example of coverage options that can protect you from things that happen when your guests have accidents.

Wedding Insurance Coverage

If you are planning a wedding and find you need to get coverage, don’t worry! Wedding insurance is common, and some venues require that you have liability coverage for your event. Many types of policies provide the ability to add a venue to your policy. These policies also provide Additional Insured Liability that can protect other named insureds that you may need to cover. 

Have you thought about what happens if you need to cancel or postpone your wedding? As we have all discovered recently, it is possible for something major to happen that disrupts people’s plans and may affect your ability to host a gathering or travel. An unforeseen event may seriously disrupt your plans if you have already placed deposits or prepaid for catering or entertainment. 

You may be responsible for paying for things you can longer use. What about the money you’ve already spent? Those funds may be gone, affecting your ability to reschedule or plan a new wedding at a later date. The right wedding insurance can protect your finances when major events change your plans and allow you to begin new plans when the time is right. Not all wedding insurance policies cover all types of cancellations.

Events beyond your control are one thing, but what if one of the partners wants to call off the wedding? Many policies don’t cover cancellations by the couple. Many, but not all, wedding insurance companies will refuse to reimburse expenses if the reason for the cancellation is not out of your control. Some companies offer this type of protection, but you’ll need to do your research as this type of coverage is rare.

Wedding Insurance Damage

The things you need to worry about don’t end there. Many items could possibly be damaged, destroyed, or stolen on the big day. What happens if your valuable wedding dress is damaged or destroyed? Will someone steal some of the wedding gifts? How will you recoup your losses if something happens to your personal property? Many wedding insurance policies offer additional or special coverage options. 

These can help reimburse you for personal losses that can happen when you least expect them. As many special items may need coverage, you’ll likely need to do your research when deciding on which policy to buy. Some special items may be unique enough that finding the right coverage can be difficult. It is important to communicate with your insurance provider to make sure they understand and will give you the coverage you need.

Many companies provide special event insurance or wedding insurance. You’ll need to contact different providers to make sure they understand your particular needs and can provide the necessary protection. We’ve compiled a list of the top insurers you may want to contact to get you started. Hopefully, this information can help you find the insurance protection you need for your big day!

Travelers Wedding Insurance

Providing insurance since 1864, Travelers is a widely respected name. Whether you are planning a small wedding in your own home, or a larger event at a special venue, Travelers has the plans and experience to provide excellent protection. They can insure your wedding in most states in the U.S. and cover some international destinations such as Canada, the United Kingdom, The Bahamas, and more. On the downside, they don’t cover weddings in Alaska, Hawaii, or Louisiana. 

Travelers wedding insurance policies don’t have deductibles, and they can cover venues at no extra cost! Buying a policy is easy and can be done online or through an agent. And it is easy to get your policy on short notice: you can buy coverage in as little as 24 hours before the event! Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to add bands or caterers to their policies. If you need insurance that covers the people providing entertainment, Travelers policies may not work for you.

Travelers provide great wedding insurance for most people. There are some areas where their coverage is lacking. Still, the ease of getting insurance and the lack of deductibles, and the ability to add venues make their insurance products stand out from the competition. When you start planning your wedding or other events, contact Travelers to see how they can help protect you!

eWed Insurance

While not as recognizable a name as Travelers, eWed insurance boasts they provide the most comprehensive and least expensive event insurance available. They offer Wedding Insurance & Event Liability Coverage to protect you from accidents or incidents for which you may become liable. They also offer Wedding Cancellation and Postponement coverage. 

Many insurers don’t provide protection when events are canceled or postponed unless this is out of your control. eWed Insurance offers this type of coverage should earn them a serious look when deciding on the best company to buy from.

The availability of vendor liability coverage sets eWed insurance apart from many competitors. If you are looking for coverage for vendors such as caterers, bands or musicians, D.J.s, florists, photographers, and wedding planners or coordinators, then eWed’s policies may be an excellent fit. 

They also cover accidents on the wedding day, such as theft or damage. If gifts are lost or stolen, rings are lost, and wedding dresses or tuxedos are damaged, this can throw your plans off track. eWed insurance can cover all of these things and give you important peace of mind. Insurance can also be bought as soon as 24 hours before the event! To see how they can protect your wedding.


Planning a wedding on a cruise ship? Your choices for liability protection may be limited, as not many event insurance companies cover you while on the water. If you need protection for your event on a cruise ship, look at WedSafe. They offer liability coverage if your ship is departing from the U.S., Canada, and territories and possessions of the U.S., such as Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

WedSafe also can protect you if your event is in certain foreign countries such as Mexico, the U.K., The Bahamas, Bermuda, and other popular wedding destinations.

Many wedding insurance companies don’t offer cancellation or postponement. WedSafe offers this type of coverage if your wedding is on a cruise ship or in one of the countries they cover. Not only that, but WedSafe allows you to choose what’s covered by their cancellation policies: venue, caterer, photographer, or other wedding purchases. 

Your wedding may involve lots of planning and the participation of many different service providers. Some of these may not allow you to cancel, while others will. WedSafe lets you only pay for the coverage you need. To see if WedSafe is a good fit for you and your event.

Wedsure Wedding Insurance

Are you planning a large wedding and need complicated coverage options? A big wedding can be hard to cover: not every element needs insurance coverage, and a policy that doesn’t allow you to choose exactly the coverage you need can get expensive. Wedsure has the adjustable coverage you may need for large and expensive events. With a top coverage limit of $2,000,000, Wedsure can protect even large events from unforeseen problems or disruptions. 

Wedsure lets you add or remove any coverage you may or may not need. For example, venue damage, liquor-related accidents, medical coverage, or the services of a photographer or videographer. Some of this protection may be unnecessary, and the freedom to pick exactly what your policy covers can save you lots of money.

Do you need to cancel your wedding? If the reason is a change of heart, illness, or weather, then Wedsure can protect you from unnecessary financial burdens. Wedsure is one of the top choices for adjustable wedding insurance policies. If you plan a large event with plenty of preparation, they may have policies that will fit your needs and budget. To see how Wedsure can protect your wedding or other events.

Markel Insurance

Not every event needs highly customized coverage. While many people need the flexibility of adjustable wedding insurance policies, some just need basic and affordable event insurance. Markel Insurance has been a specialty insurer since 1930. Their wedding insurance plans lack the frills of many other companies but may fit the needs of people looking for simple and affordable protection. 

Just because they offer simple coverage doesn’t mean they can’t protect larger events. They offer liability protection up to $2,000,000. Markel also has a 15% discount when you bundle liability and cancellation insurance. There are some things you’ll need to be prepared for when choosing this insurer. For instance, they may limit coverage for infectious diseases, and there is a $1000 deductible for property liability. To see how Markel can help protect your wedding, go to their website at: 

Event Helper

Are you planning a large wedding with up to 5000 guests? Since 2009, Event Helper has offered event insurance for people needing special coverage for large events. This includes weddings but includes many types of large gatherings. Event Helper has coverage options that fit 99.5% of venue requirements. If you purchase one of their policies online and your venue doesn’t accept it, they will refund the entire policy. 

Their policies can also cover liability up to $3,000,000. Most people don’t need that much wedding insurance, but it just shows how much Event Helper understands the needs of those planning larger events. Also, know that Event Helper only covers events in the U.S. Many other companies cover weddings in popular destinations such as the Bahamas or U.K. If you need event insurance for your international destination wedding, you’ll need to search elsewhere. To find out more about Event Helper or purchase a policy.


USAA is known for offering insurance to military members and their families. Not everyone qualifies to receive coverage, but those can get excellent insurance at great rates. If you or your future spouse is in the military, check out USAA’s wedding and event coverage options. USAA doesn’t insure events directly but works with Markel to offer policies. See also a review of USAA insurance.

While you can work directly with Markel, going through USAA can give you access to member advantages not available to the general public. Benefits to working with USAA include their postponement options: if the guest of honor is an active military, police force, or fire department deployed on short notice, you can receive greater flexibility in how your policy covers this change. 

They also insure many destinations worldwide, making them an ideal choice for military members deployed internationally. USAA’s policies include host liquor liability, the setup/tear-down of the event, and rehearsal or dinner with certain limitations. 

They also offer coverage up to $2,000,000, providing peace of mind for those planning larger events. The main downside to USAA event or wedding insurance is it’s only available to USAA members. Contact USAA to see if their coverage can be a good fit for your event if you qualify. Their website is at: USAA insurance special event main.

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